Dillon Gage Spot Price
Gold: 12.70 Silver: 0.14 Platinum: 9.10 Palladium: 8.35

Real time application integration directly to Dillon Gage.

FizConnect is most useful for your business if you’re looking to:

  • Application Program Interface (JSON Based Rest API)
  • Hedge with physical  metals in  real time
  • Electronically know when market hours are extended
  • Real Time Spots and Charts
  • Reduce human error
  • Drop ship seamlessly
  • Lower your overhead
  • Extensive metals image library

FizConnect allows you to integrate your trading system with Dillon Gage.

  • Consume all Dillon Gage prices and execute trades directly from your systems
  • Match Dillon Gage extended market hours to your trading hours to lower trade risk
  • Release your trades electronically
  • Update drop shipping information electronically

For FizConnect all inclusive service

  • $50 month for active customers