Dillon Gage Spot Price
Gold: 12.70 Silver: 0.14 Platinum: 9.10 Palladium: 8.35

Looking for tools to support your business and improve collaboration?

FizTools are most useful for your business if you’re looking to:

  • Keep prices sync’d between your website and call center
  • Want to deploy a spreadsheet with your retail premiums to your sales people
  • Want a real-time quoting tool that sales people can use to model trades

FizTools provide a way to lower costs and improve sales.

  • See your prices as a sales person in real time
  • Avoid having to call a head trader to find out current market conditions
  • Automatically send quotes to clients

For FizTools all inclusive service

  • Must subscribe to FizConnect & real time spots
  • $500 annually