Dillon Gage Spot Price
Gold: 12.70 Silver: 0.14 Platinum: 9.10 Palladium: 8.35

Real time trading in the cloud

FizTradeTM is most useful for your business if you’re looking to:

  • Have your real time prices from Dillon Gage trade floor
  • Have one view of all of your Dillon Gage order history
  • Drop ship to your customers and track packages
  • Manage your retail premiums in FizTradeTM
  • Reduce your fulfillment costs
  • View analytics
  • Service overseas clients
  • Online Simplification of Self-directed IRA & RSP (CLIRA)

FizTradeTM provides dealers with real time trading & pro-trading.

  • Receive your coin prices in real time
  • See order history for ALL orders placed with Dillon Gage
  • View analytics on your existing business with Dillon Gage
  • Extended market hours trading

For FizTradeTM all inclusive service

  • No charge for active customers