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Dillon Gage Spot Price
Gold: 0.50 Silver: 0.09 Platinum: 0.60 Palladium: 8.65

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Digital Metals – The Platform for Precious Metals Commerce

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Dillon Gage has assembled a rich set of capabilities and solutions
for its clients, available through the Digital Metals platform

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Leverage real-time Dillon Gage spot and coin prices to drive your pricing strategies and lock-in your trades with Dillon Gage through the Digital Metals Platform, thus lowering market risk.


Embed charts and Dillon Gage spot prices in your existing website and connect electronically with Dillon Gage for, content, coin pricing and trading through the Digital Metals Platform.


Refresh your existing site or build a new one using our turnkey eCommerce platform.

Digital Metals is your go to source for all of your precious metals needs.
Choose from a variety of our services:

  • Real-time & historical Dillon Gage market data
  • Extended hours for real time trading for precious metals commerce
  • Direct integration with dealer systems
  • Fulfillment, order status and analytics
  • Manage your retail premiums
  • eCommerce precious metals websites
  • Closed Loop IRA for Dealers
  • Tools to enable Dealer efficiency


Get access to real-time market maker:

  • Active Market Trading
  • Bullion & Numismatics
  • Transaction Hedging
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Lower the cost of carrying inventory:

  • Global Inventory
  • Private Storage
  • Consignment Solutions
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Fulfill metal around the world:

  • Global Logistics
  • Drop Shipping
  • Tracking Notification
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Meeting your diverse

  • Refining Services
  • Collateral Financing
  • Software & Services
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